Standing Alone On The Edge Of Time

by Paper Moses

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Friendly Stars (Snippet):
The Destination Beyond This Material Sky (Snippet):

This album is dedicated to my friend Ben Mabry, a man of many names!: Vlotter, The Proph, Brin Margle...

Chad Timblin: electric guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, pianos, vocals


released May 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Paper Moses Cypress, California

Birthed in late 2012 as a moniker for Chad Timblin's solo musical creations.

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Track Name: Friends In The Field
Though I am inert, I ascend to the sky
Though I am inert, I climb on the sunshine
Though I am inert, I walk in the God's Domain

I know that it's gonna be fine
I know that it's all in my mind
Everywhere I look, it's all a mess
I look inside, could this all be a test?

Baby baby, that's the wrong intention
Hoping for at least one honorable mention
I feel the wisdom of the black dimension
Learning to love and live with no intention
Track Name: Friendly Stars
Track Name: The Destination Beyond This Material Sky

sending out ships
to somewhere
no one will ever tread

drinking in songs
with someone
no one will ever wed

friendly stars in your eyes
oh, is this a dream?
oh, what is life?

let's be still

waving at soil
with bare-feet
everything is my friend

drawing sky pictures
for birds in the west
why does it have to end?

friendly stars in your eyes
oh, is this a dream?
oh, what is life?

let us be still
Track Name: Sri Ram Jai Ram
Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram
Sita Ram Sita Ram

Sri: resplendent, glorious, revered
Jai: victory
Ram: Spirit/Lord as light, strength, and virtue (masculine)
Sita: Spirit/Lord as light, strength, and virtue (feminine)

May the Lord as Light and virtue that dwells in my heart be victorious over all (internal and external) obstacles and difficulty. May the positive and transforming vision of the Divine in my heart lead to the fulfillment of divine will.
Track Name: A Ghost Who Has No One To Recite His Name
That Light whose smile kindles the Universe,
That Beauty in which all things work and move,
That Benediction which the eclipsing Curse
Of birth can quench not, that sustaining Love
Which through the web of being blindly wove
By man and beast and earth and air and sea,
Burns bright or dim, as each are mirrors of
The fire for which all thirst; now beams on me,
Consuming the last clouds of cold mortality.

The breath whose might I have invok'd in song
Descends on me; my spirit's bark is driven,
Far from the shore, far from the trembling throng
Whose sails were never to the tempest given;
The massy earth and sphered skies are riven!
I am borne darkly, fearfully, afar;
Whilst, burning through the inmost veil of Heaven,
The soul of Adonais, like a star,
Beacons from the abode where the Eternal are.

—From "Adonais: An Elegy on the Death of John Keats"
—By Percy Bysshe Shelley
Track Name: Purifications
"I have been a boy and a girl, a bush and a bird and a dumb sea-fish."
—Empedocles of Akragas in Sicily
Track Name: Standing Alone On The Edge Of Time
"Felicia del Pino doesn't know what brings on her delusions. She knows only that suddenly she can hear things very vividly. The scratching of a beetle on the porch. The shifting of the floorboards in the night. She can hear everything in this world and others, every sneeze and creak and breath in the heavens or the harbor or the gardenia tree down the block. They call to her all at once, grasping here and there for parts of her, hatching blue flames in her brain. Only the Benny Moré records, played loud and warped as they are, lessen the din.
The colors, too, escape their objects. The red floats above the carnations on her windowsill. The blues rise from the chipped tiles in the kitchen. Even the greens, her favorite shades of greens, flee the trees and assault her with luminosity. Nothing is solid until she touches it. She blames the sun for this, for the false shadows it casts in her house, and she tightens the shutters against enemy rays. When she dares look outside, the people are paintings, outlined in black, their faces crushed and squarish. They threaten her with their white shining eyes. She hears them talking but cannot understand what they say. She never knows the time."
—From "The Fire between Them" in Dreaming in Cuban
—By Cristina García