Shep & Rogue

by Paper Moses & Loner

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released October 31, 2013

Shep (Chad Timblin): vocals, synthesizer
Rogue (Sam de la Vega): vocals, synthesizer on "Shep's Nightmare"



all rights reserved


Paper Moses Cypress, California

Birthed in late 2012 as a moniker for Chad Timblin's solo musical creations.

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Track Name: Nothing But An Illusion
You treat me like I'm there, when I'm not
Why do you treat me like that? Why?!
It's nothing more than an illusion
Think outside of yourself

Society's dead
Inside your head
Conformity at it's finest!
Originality's lost!
Indulged in yourself
Accepting lies as truth
Where did we go wrong?
Track Name: Shep's Nightmare
I'm gonna find some shelter from the beast of the night
And like the people in the streets, I'm just gonna run and hide

I'm gonna find some people, to share in the night
Gonna find someone, who wouldn't mind

I gotta find some shelter from the storms of my life
And when people come to me, they don't have to run and hide

The creatures are crawling and creepin', they are crawling up to me
And my mother doesn't know, just what I came to be

I don't owe anything, I just need to unwind
and when I try to kill her, she won't even mind
Track Name: Friend To Many, Close To Few
Hearts beat faster in suicide!

I would like to know
How far you'd go
With me if I was about to die
Woah oh oh oh

La la la la la la la la la


I would go to the end!
I want to be your friend!


Heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heartheartheartheartheart!
Track Name: Negative Sequences
I got a funny feeling in my mind
I got a funny feeling all the time
I don't think it's gonna be alright
I got a funny feeling in my mind!

Why am I even here?
I feel so awfully queer
Why am I even here?
I am full of deathly fear!