Patent Of Heaven

by Paper Moses

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This album is dedicated to my friend Sam de la Vega.

Chad Timblin: vocals, keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, percussion
Jordan Hermosillo: spoken word poetry in "Practicing Eternity"
Colson Timblin: keyboards in "Consume Me, Dear Honey Moon"

Album artwork by Ben Mabry

"Before The After Glow" music video:

"Approaching The Truth Of Emptiness" music video:


released June 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Paper Moses Cypress, California

Birthed in late 2012 as a moniker for Chad Timblin's solo musical creations.

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Track Name: Killing Myself Out Of Habit
I like to do what feels good
But I know that's not good
If the things that I do
Make me feel attached to
Pleasures more than peace and
Sleepin' more than dreamin'
Comfort makes me weak and
Keeps me from believin'
That I'm only sleepin'
Love is for a reason
Peace is in the breathin'
Joy comes in the healin'
Of my soul I'm feelin'
Like a baby sleepin'
In the womb forever
No more pain and pleasure

It's better to be right here than anywhere else

Being stressed is a method of boosting the ego because it makes us think our problems are worth worrying about
Track Name: Practicing Eternity (feat. Jordan Hermosillo)
The most beautiful place I've ever seen
Is the place I'm going to meet death
Its icy walls shimmer a combination of blue, and purple that causes my heart to ache of irony.
The dank floor below
glows a light-blue light.
Not quite bright,
but still aggressive to the eye.
The crevice that sealed my doom, it looms above,
laughing at my dismay.
I kaleidoscope into my surroundings as my mind loses grip
My spirit begins bouncing off the walls of my tomb, looking for an escape.
Despite my attempts, here I will spend the rest of my eternity, wandering the abyss, like a lonely star meandering through the hollow confines of this space,
And chances are when you see me
It will be too late

I stood up and followed her along the path
She swiftly swipes the leaves from my sight, leaving only light
Forward and up, forward and up she beckons
Completely vulnerable I feel more at ease here than ever before
While only I can make this trip
I know I'm not going alone
All of you, are coming with me
Especially her
I will hold her with me for the rest of my eternity
Forward and up, forward and up
Her memory is the catalyst of my comfort
Her words, my raft
Drifting downstream
Onward and up, towards my light
Track Name: Before The After Glow
Music video:
Track Name: It
I saw the truth in a drop of blood
And held it there for less than a second
I glimpsed the truth in the flame of love
And held on for as long as I could stand

I sense the weight of everything
In the space between two breaths
What felt like forever
Was really no time at all

I saw the brink of it all and it scared me
There's really no time at all
No time at all
Track Name: Walking Around Without A Head
"Who are you?"
"Who me?!"
"I'm an experience
A phenomenon
A grain of sand on the cosmic shore
I'm nobody special
I'm you
I'm me
I'm nobody
And everybody
Paper Moses
The dust on my soles
In my soul
I am a phenomenon aware of itself
I am loving awareness
Loving awareness"
Track Name: Bold In The Face Of Omnipotent Darkness
I don't want to live forever, I'd rather pass through
This body that gives me access to a world in bloom
The wonder of my surroundings, is all part of me
The joy found in daily living, look at the trees!

Today I picked up a small piece of the sun
It was too hot so I threw it away
Yesterday I was feeling dumb
And today I have nothing to say

It's so much better to be dead
Cuz I'm living life dead on the inside
So much better to be dead
Feeling so dead on the inside
Calling all the daughters, calling all the sons, we don't wanna be dead on the inside

I do want to live forever!
Please shatter my ego gently
I cannot take for granted!
This life that I inhabit
Track Name: Engage The Subconscious
Please pardon my stare
It's not a glare
I'm just curious and wanna know more of who you are
And experience what we are together
Track Name: An Exploration Of My Faults
I need more love
Track Name: Glimpses Of The End
Every single moment I die and am reborn again in a new form
Death is just another moment
Track Name: Consume Me, Dear Honey Moon
I look to the moonlight
It is bright
I look to the moonlight
To the moonlight
I look to the moonlight
Track Name: Approaching The Truth Of Emptiness
Music video: