Ancient Mysteries

by Paper Moses

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released July 16, 2017

This album is dedicated to my friend Omaür Cole.

Chad Timblin: vocals, piano, synths, bass guitars, electric and acoustic guitars



all rights reserved


Paper Moses Cypress, California

Birthed in late 2012 as a moniker for Chad Timblin's solo musical creations.

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Track Name: Soma
I am a man
I want to understand

There is something great hidden under the surface
There is something more than what I see now
I feel something more than a lack of purpose

I think there's plan
I know the Big Man

There is something great hidden under the surface
There is something more than what I see now
I feel something more than a lack of purpose

I know that I don't know a single thing
I know true knowledge is knowledge of nothing

I don't know a damn thing
Track Name: I Lost My Head (It Wasn't So Bad)
I lost my head
It wasn't so bad
Track Name: Eternally Connected
Eternally connected to the Supreme Source
Eternally connected to the Utmost Truth
Eternally connected to the Supreme Source
Eternally connected to the Lord
Track Name: Gnosis
You and me can merge into the beat
Mother's peace, that's all that you need
A little weed reminds me of the truth
Thoughts are seeds, growing up to You

A former me, a pit stop Romeo
Mushy disease, that too had to go
What are we? A picture of the past
Something needs to find itself at last

You and me will get there anyway
It's hard to see with something in the way

Learn to see opportunities
Plant a tree, harvest all the seeds
My friends the elves, speak to me in dreams
They like to build, castles for the King

The eyes that see, look from everywhere
No one to be, alive without a care
Dissolve the me, take Me to the shore
Just like a bee, no straying from the course

Hard to say if I'll make it through the night
Nobody knows
Let it go
Track Name: Cyclonic Perfection
Blissful is he among men on earth who has beheld THAT
Track Name: Voice Of Many Waters
Peace descends like a cloud and illumes me to my unknowing
Free from shoulds and should nots, I breathe freely

Words are never "it"
But what is "it"?
What words are not!

Subtlest of the subtlest
Littlest of the littlest
It's also the grossest of the grossest
It’s right here, and over there,
And under that rock, and in the sky, and underground

She stayed with me until I could laugh again at silly things
Together we climbed the sunshine
I never doubted her love

To the moon and back we took many trips
Together we ascended to the sky
Forever we climb

Dream on, keeper of the stars
Your time will come
Your time is now

Musical vistas of magical light
Everything is wrong, yet such a delight
A con on itself
Life is a dream, but when you wake, all is right
Anything I want is mine, and it's right
I am the self that creeps in the night
Magically, wonderfully, mystical might
Jimi Hendrix once said he was me, and he was right
In some universe out there of infinite light
If one day I die (I probably might)
God will be there and she'll kiss me goodnight
I dislike myself, but I love the moon
She's really pretty, and I live and make love in her womb

How glorious
And incomplete
All these colors
They suck me out
I almost saw God emerge from the cracks
And I was scared
I saw the truth in a drop of blood, a frozen fortress, a lover's web
I was spellbound
Tearing down walls
From the inside out

Devastation wrought by a mind turned against itself
If it's not serious, then why does it feel so?
Nothingness is a lot to handle for a being with a mind

When talking, I want to become the conversation
Let go and allow any trace of "me" to dissolve
I want our eyes to meet so we can become one
A union of two souls engaged in playful banter
Gimmie gimmie gimmie
Bliss bliss bliss
Me me me
Die die die
What more could a boy want?

Don't worry about it
Let the bullshit flow
Don't try to control it
Sit back and watch the show

I saw the future in a toothbrush
And it wasn't very sweet
The animals
The ghosts
They only wanted a home
They made me a cage out of doors
Things don't taste quite like before

One day I will dissolve into infinity
Lose myself and all I know
Melt into infinity
Gain the void and space unknown
Absorb and dissipate into nirvana

At the base of it all
Words fail
You could call it peace
I guess
The place of pure celebration
Where nothing needs to be done
Actions arise spontaneously
Taking care of themselves

All is well
All is well
All is well